How to use and get the best from Archive-X EX-Enamel Paint 

Archive X EX enamel range is a hi grade coach enamel unlike any other hobby paint brand. It can be airbrushed and topically painted with a brush.

The paint comes to you un-thinned and like most airbrushed paints, you want to aim for a consistency like milk when using the airbrush. 

If you want to know how to thin enamel paint for airbrush, the best thinner for the EX enamel range is off the shelf mineral spirits or white spirits (this can be called several different things depending on the country you reside in).


Absolutely no need for expensive, branded thinners like Tamiya or Humbrol or Mr Colour.

When mixing in the airbrush cup, always start with the thinner first if not using a pre-mix.

Different colours have different viscosity so a mix ratio will vary to get the desired milky consistency.

Enamels tend to be slower drying than acrylics.


As your paint reduces in the jar, it's wise to add a little thinner to reduce the air in the jar.


Like most model paints, once the volume of air becomes greater than the paint, you could transfer to a smaller jar to help prevent the paint from drying out, thus prolonging the life of the product.


Archive X EX range has a very flat matt finish and there is no gloss available.


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When painting Bandai Models with enamels, always use a good primer first.

How to paint scale model figures - we will soon be offering tutorials with scale model painting techniques and scale model painting tips.

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